Cotton field has a good effect of applying ketamine

The ketamine, also known as meperidine, auxin, etc., is the most commonly used chemical control agent in cotton production. Generally, the effect can be seen 3 days after use, and the effect period is 20 to 25 days. In the use of acetaminophen, we should master the principle of “small number of times, light control and diligent control, light and heavy beforehand” to ensure that cotton plants are “strong but not prosperous and grow steadily”. The overall requirement is that cotton should reach about 1 meter in the later period. Since the cotton seed of the de-coating coating cannot be subjected to seed soaking treatment, the first chemical control can be carried out at the beginning of the bud of 8 to 9 leaves of cotton. The first use should be traced to a small amount, the bud period is 0.3 to 0.5 grams per acre, so that no obvious effect is appropriate; in the future, it should be flexibly controlled according to the ground force, rainfall, and growth. The amount of squamous amine in different growth periods is different. The initial flowering period is 0.8-1 gram per acre, the flowering period is 1-3 grams per acre, and the topping is 3-6 grams per acre. Generally, light control and then re-control, and slowly increase the dosage.

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