Common techniques for coloring aluminum profiles

[China Aluminum Industry Network] The use of aluminum profiles is becoming more and more widespread. In use, we will have many ways to surface treat aluminum profiles. Coloring is one of them. So how to color aluminum?

First of all, the first oxidation of aluminum, extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles, the corrosion resistance of the surface is not strong, must be anodized surface treatment to increase the aluminum corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the appearance.

Then the specific steps are as follows:

1. Surface pretreatment: Chemical or physical methods are used to clean the surface of the profile, exposing a pure matrix to facilitate obtaining a complete and dense artificial oxide film. It is also possible to obtain a specular or matt (matte) surface by mechanical means.

2. Anodizing: After surface pretreatment of the profiles, under certain process conditions, anodization of the substrate surface occurs, resulting in a dense, porous, strong AL203 film layer.

3. Sealing: The pores of the porous oxide film formed after the anodization are closed, so that the oxide film can be prevented from pollution, corrosion and abrasion resistance. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. By using the strong adsorption of the oxide film before sealing, some metal salts can be adsorbed and deposited in the film pores, which can make the appearance of the material besides the colors (silver white), such as: black, bronze, Gold and stainless steel and so on.

, or , socket bushing magnet or Insert magnet  holder.The round fixing magnet, is a magnetic insert assembly mainly used for holding concrete formworks which made of steel,or holding tools. Its` magnetic force is range from 4 kg ~ 70kgs, which could hold steel structures steadily.

The Round fixing magnet, is made of Neodymium Magnet , steel armature and steel thread rod. The neodymium magnet is plated with NI-CU-NI treatment,the steel armature is treated with Zinc coating, the thread rod is coated with black epoxy. These surface treatment could offer good anti corrosion protections for the bushing fixing magnets.

The inserted  fixing magnet consists of cup magnet /base magnet and a separable thread rod. To make sure the adequate pull force,

The strongest permanent magnet-NdFeB magnets are used in the embeded socket fixing magnet. The NdFeb magnet are plated with NiCuNiand the metal cup could be plated with color Zinc or other treatments to well protect the metal cup from corrosion. The magnet contact surface should be clean and flat otherwise the actual magnetic force will be reduced. The max working temperature of the embeded fixing

magnets is 80 degrees. Please keep the embeded fixing magnets away fire or being heating. If higher working temperature is needed,  the

higher grade NdFeB magnets will be necessary then.The magnetic force and sizes could be designed according to customers' requirements.

, bushing magnets, bush magnets or magnet bush assembly,are used for retaining tools, lights,signs, and other heavy objects. 

Bushing magnet, which configure by a thread hole cup magnet and a separable thread rod to fit the thread hole.Magnetic bushing magnet is made of a strong neodymium magnet,a steel cup and a thread rod. The magnet have been plated with thick coatings to prevent corrosion,please be noted that magnetic bushing assembly is not water proof,bushing magnet could not left in humid environment for months or years.Bushing magnet assembly have very strong magnetic force which could retaining heavy objects.We could produce various sizes of magnet bush assembly. Please kindly inform  the model number and quantity when send us inquiry,we could quote soon after calculate the costs.

inserted fixing magnet, a strong for precast concrete industry, it is used to hold neodymium magnet

Inserted fixing magnet,also known as embeded fixing magnet, inserted socket fixing magnet, embeded socket fixing magnet, magnetic pipe ixing magnet,precast concrete fixing the new magnetic assembly in precast concrete industry. It is the best solution to fix the

inserted socket in precast concrete panel.


Magnetic Bushing Assembly

Insert Fixing Magnet,Round Fixing Magnet,Embeded Fixing Magnet,Bushing Fixing Magnet