Combustible insulation material is proposed to be banned

After Shanghai’s 11.15 GREat fire broke out, Wang Shulin, deputy director of the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, revealed that in the future, combustible insulation materials will be banned and written into law.

Among the issues announced by the fire investigation team are the flammable materials such as nylon nets and polyurethane foam used at the accident site.

Wang Yulin pointed out that even if there is no polyurethane foam, after the protective net is ignited, as long as there is combustibles and oxygen, the fire will spread, but it will not burn so quickly. He also emphasized that another major hidden danger of polyurethane material is that it has a strong toxicity. When the material is lit, it emits highly toxic substances such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen chloride. The toxicity of hydrogen chloride is even 20 times higher than that of carbon monoxide.

“For flammable building insulation materials such as polyurethanes, the fire department promptly formulated regulations that prohibit the use of such materials.” Wang Yulin said: “The prohibition on the use of flammable materials is a mandatory requirement. The regulations are not ineffective. After the documents are issued, this In the past few years, such fires have shown a downward trend, but they have not yet become national laws. Therefore, we are now preparing to raise the content of regulations to the legal level."