Cleverly-decorated layout creates a bright room

With the increasing housing space in urban areas and rising housing prices, buyers have increasingly favored small-sized houses. However, with the popularity of small units, the design of small-sized apartment living spaces has become the focus of attention, especially lighting problems. Due to the small size of houses, poor orientation, and insufficient windows can cause problems in daylight lighting. The reporter consulted designer Ye Guomi on lighting problems in the living room and provided tips for the owner’s room lighting.

Minimize the use of heavy colors

The rooms with poor lighting will look dim and obscure. Ye Guomi said that such rooms should be considered when using light-colored flooring, ceramic tiles and other decoration materials. Such materials have a sense of reflection and can adjust the darkness of the room. .

Heavy color systems are not necessarily not used in small-sized spaces. The use of heavy colors in local areas has emphasis and contrast. Compared with light-colored systems, it can increase the sense of space.

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The kitchen in the picture is decorated with local heavy colors, and then matched with a large area of ​​light-colored floor tiles, making the living space look high but without losing the focus. Ye Guomi said that the top surface of the open kitchen is polished black stone. The smooth surface is a that reflects the light in the room and contrasts with high-brightness tiles. This method can be used not only in open kitchens, but also for small-sized suspended ceilings.

Clever lighting with soft lighting

In some small units, aisles that connect the living room to the bedroom or the bathroom will be designed, and some aisles will be located away from the windows, resulting in poor lighting in the aisles. Such a channel can generally be adjusted by soft light lighting. Ye Guomi said that the use of spotlights is not suitable for the use of spotlights in the aisles, because the effect of spotlights is to emphasize a certain object and it would be too harsh to use in the aisles. If the night passes through aisles and turns on spotlights, the human eye will be very uncomfortable.

Arrange the light source in the aisle, you can put the aperture opening upwards, so that the lamp is reflected off the ceiling. Because there is no exposed light source and lamps, the entire interior space is complete and there is no glare, the light emitted by the aperture is evenly distributed in the space. Soft (Figure 2). Design the top surface of the aisle in this way. When the owner passes through the aisle at night, he will not feel dazzling because the light is too strong.

Ye Guomi said that in order to make it easier to use the aisles at night, the owner can choose energy-saving lighting, so that even if the lights are turned on overnight, the power consumption will not be excessive. This design method is also suitable for use in a small area of ​​the living room.

Choose a transparent decorative material

In rooms where the room is not spacious enough, you can use materials with a relatively strong sense of transparency, such as glass and metal. Ye Guomi said that due to space limitations, alternative materials will destroy the overall softness and warmth. The cupboard door in Figure 3 has a polished material that reflects and reflects the glass. The plaid design at the entrance also makes the space seem not boring.

Although this space does not use glass or metal decorative materials, they are all close to transparent. The cut-out at the dining table has a hollow design, which not only creates a decorative effect, but also gives the space a visual extension. Together with the furniture in the living room and the texture of the floor tiles, this combination makes the space a whole and expands the space. The height and width.

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