Choosing ceramic tableware

Nowadays, people pay great attention to food safety, not only food safety, but also the safety of tableware. Many people now use ceramic tableware. They think that ceramic tableware is non-toxic and absolutely safe. In fact, this is not the case. Many ceramic tableware are not toxic, but some are damaged because the food is not noticed. There are also some tableware that are toxic, so be sure to pay attention. Let us introduce the things to pay attention to in ceramic tableware.

When some ceramic tableware is used to hold food, it is best to lay it up. If the food contained in the food is acidic, you should choose some tableware with little or no pattern. Because acidic foods can cause the pattern to fall down, it is easy to stick to the food. If someone eats it, it will damage the body.

Be sure to pay attention when choosing tableware, depending on the gloss of the tableware. If the gloss is good, it means that the tableware can be used. If the gloss is not good, it means that the meal is poisonous. This is mainly because when the tableware is baked, the required temperature is not reached. Such ceramics contain many units of lead and mercury. Do not rub the tableware with your hands when washing dishes. This will release harmful substances such as lead and mercury. If you don't know what the meal is poisonous, you can soak it in vinegar. If you find a color change, the surface is poisonous and you should not use it again.

If you use a microwave oven, it is best to choose unpatterned tableware. Because the temperature of the microwave oven is very high, it is easy to damage the pattern and stick to the food.

The above describes some ceramic tableware to pay attention to, do not take it for granted that ceramic tableware is not poisonous. In fact, the use of inattention is toxic, we must pay attention, do not be poisoned by their own fault.

Oriented Strand Boards or OSBs are engineered wood panels where rectangular wood stands are arranged in cross oriented layers and binded together with resin.

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Advantages of OSB:

These greener options to are moisture resistant, have high load capacities and are customizable to different sizes, thickness and shapes.Uses of OSB:

OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in . The most common uses are as  in walls, , and roof decking.  OSB also sees some use in  production.

The details of OSB:

1. Sizes: 1220mm x 2440mm(Standard Size), 1250mm x 2500mm or according to customer`s request.

2. Thickness: From 6mm to 20mm.

3. Materials: Poplar, Pine or combination according to customer`s request.

4. Glue: MR, Melamine glue, WBP, MDI

5. Density: About 600kg to 650kg

6. Grade: Packing , construction and furniture,etc.



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