Centrifugal pump impeller repair method

Centrifugal pump in the long-term use, because the media will contain trace impurities, friction with the impeller will appear damage to varying degrees of damage, so the centrifugal pump impeller repair is part of the maintenance work.

Do a good job centrifugal pump impeller maintenance must first understand the impeller material, the common impeller material is based on the media situation combined with the pump structure type to determine, there are a good variety. Such as cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, cast copper, etc., there are many specific brands in each category, according to different materials commonly used impeller repair methods are the following:

1: Copper wire repair method (for copper material impeller)

For pinhole cavitation, as long as the hole is not connected into a sheet, the copper wire can be used to hit the pinhole, and the cleaver can be used to dip light. Before processing, the rust and dirt on the surface of the blade should be removed with a grinder, and then the air-hole debris should be blown off with an oxygen-acetylene flame, and then the appropriate thickness of copper wire should be filled into the hole. At the same time, tapping with a pointed hammer, the copper The wire is squeezed, squeezed into the hole, and finally raked with a trowel.

2: Epoxy resin repair method according to the ratio, heat preservation gear pump order take appropriate amount of epoxy resin, ethylene diamine, dibutyl phthalate, acetone in glassware mixing, mix well. When stirring, pay attention to the consistency of the adhesive and add the amount of acetone. The best epoxy resin is used up within 20-30min. Draw epoxy resin with a wool brush, brush the surface of the blade with blisters and pores. When brushing, use a pointed cone to gently extrude blisters, air bubbles in the air hole, and apply as evenly as possible. At the same time, gently scrape the pressure with a scraper. real. After the epoxy resin is cured for 1-2 hours, it is brushed for 2 to 3 times. When brushing the last time, make sure that the surface of the blade is smooth and smooth. After brushing is completed, the impeller is maintained at 20-30°C and low relative humidity for 48 hours. After the epoxy resin is completely cured, the outline of the impeller and the projection on the surface layer are trimmed with a file or grinder.

3: Quick steel repair method Single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump is a cement adhesive repair agent before curing. After curing, it has high strength, high hardness, no shrinkage and no rust. It is suitable for steel, iron and other metal materials. The pores, cracks, trachoma, etc. are filled and repaired with strong adhesive effect. Before the repair, clean the rust and dirt around the intended repair site and roughen it. Take out the colloid in the quick steel plastic tube, and quickly and fully knead the two different colors of the colloidal body and the skin into one color (about 1 to 2 minutes), and it is better to achieve heat and softness. Before the accelerated steel colloid is to be solidified, it is firmly adhered to the repair site and compacted with force (hands or tools) several times during the solidification process of the colloid to enhance the adhesion between the glue and the blade. After the accelerated steel has hardened, flatten it with a trowel.

4: Gas welding repair method The impeller is placed on a charcoal fire and heated to 400-500°C. Tin is hanged at the repair welding place, and then the brass wire is melted into the groove or hole to be repaired by the oxygen-acetylene flame, and the welding is completed. Go to a charcoal fire, cover the insulation with an asbestos plate, and allow the leaves to cool slowly to avoid cracks. After welding, the boring tool is used to trim the original contour line.

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