Cast iron plate casting safety instructions

Cast iron flat casting production process, smelting and pouring is high temperature operation, must strictly abide by the safe production regulations, otherwise, explosions, burns and other accidents may occur. In order to ensure safety, in addition to wearing protective equipment, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. When mixing sand, it is necessary to prevent iron, iron nails and other debris from being mixed into the sand, so as to avoid damage to the sand processing equipment.

2, the sand box should be stacked smoothly, and the sand phase should be handled with care to prevent injury to the hands and feet.

3. When molding, do not blow sand with your mouth.

4, furnaces and ladle must be dried. The iron bars for slag must be preheated to prevent explosion.

5. When feeding, it is necessary to strictly add explosives into the furnace.

6. The working site in front of the furnace and the passage for walking during the pouring should be cleaned up, and there should be no debris to block the road, and there should be no water accumulation.

7. When pouring, the metal inside the ladle must not be too full, generally not more than 80% of the ladle volume, in case the metal liquid spills and hurts people.

8. All the people who carry the ladle must coordinate, and the action of lifting or lowering should be consistent. If you find that the molten metal is splashed or even burned, you can't throw it away at will, so as not to cause a bigger accident.

9. Non-casting personnel should not stay in front of the furnace and in the pouring site to avoid scalding accidents.

10. Do not touch the uncooled castings with your hands and feet.

11. Do not stay or walk under the heavy load of the vehicle to avoid being injured or crushed.

12. When the furnace material is broken or the castings are cleaned, pay attention to the surrounding environment to prevent injury. This article address: http://

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