Carbon fiber bathtub super personality in a hammock bath

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, the London-based design studio Splinter Works designed a carbon fiber bathtub called "Vessel" that perfectly combines the hammock with the bathtub.

Hammock in the bathtub

It is reported that the bathtub is 2.7 meters long and is suspended from the wall by a stainless steel bracket, and the bottom does not touch the ground. It is longer than a standard bathtub and its sloping shape provides more space for the bather. The side of the bathtub is accompanied by a vertical faucet that fills the bathtub with water and the spilled water will flow into the floor drain.

Hammock in the bathtub

Miles Hartwell from Splinter Works says: “The use of hammocks and bathtubs has a relaxing character, and we have combined the two to create a way to avoid reality. A laid-back environment. Let the user enjoy the leisure of a hammock in a hot bath. "Through the transformation, enjoy the art of relaxation and the unique bathing experience in the bathroom." Currently, the bathtub is available in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and sterling silver.

Hammock in the bathtub

Hammock in the bathtub

Hammock in the bathtub

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