Capital involvement accelerates the development of smart channel gates!

In the security industry, access control, monitoring, and alarm are called security triangles. They cooperate with each other perfectly to solve security problems. The urban passive security system for monitoring and alarming is an afterthought. It is a type of remedy, and the access control system is an active defense. It rejects all insecurity factors, fundamentally solves security problems, and actively combines passive and perfection. This kind of product is also the most common and has long been popular.

The intelligent channel gate is one of the common devices in the access control system. The channel is actually human management. In addition to the common access control systems and parking access management systems, visitor management systems using channel devices have also become popular. In different entrance and exit scenarios, different types of channel devices are required. For example, the three-roll gates and rotary gates of the stadiums, the pedestrian channels of campuses, enterprises, and high-end intelligent buildings.

Channel Gate General Features 1, anti-trailing function: the channel in the infrared light zone detection area can be used to adjust the switch state according to the customer's accuracy requirements, to adapt to different needs of the application of the light band to avoid the point of infrared detectors easily polluted, affect the judgment The disadvantage of reliability can effectively determine the trailing person of unread cards. When the system determines that a tail occurs, the system will respond based on the location of the active cardholder returned by the infrared detector. After the door opening signal is issued, there are still some abnormal use that will trigger the alarm system.

2. Irregular usage: (1) When the door is closed, the reversed pedestrian enters the pedestrian after the authorized door-opening signal is sent out. Before passing the first safe photoelectric detection zone, if the reverse detection zone detects that someone enters, When the person does not leave, the buzzer will always give an alarm and the door will remain closed. The “aging” function does not calculate the time interval. (2) Reverse entry when the door is opened. After the door is opened, if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door detection area in the reverse direction, the door is closed immediately. As long as the first protection detection belt detects the presence of someone, “aging” The function does not calculate the time at this time. When the person leaves the second detection zone, the door resumes normal work. (3) When the pedestrian left, the reversed intruder passed the second security detection zone. Before the door returned to the basic state, the second security detection zone again detected that there was no entry, and the alarm system issued an alarm. However, as long as someone is still detected in the protection zone, the door will not close. (4) The tail body detects the pedestrian from the first detector to the last detector that left the first security detection zone. The time gap is about 0.25 seconds. After the pedestrian leaves the first security detection zone, the reader signals. In the absence of an open door, a pedestrian (trailer) was detected in the first detection area. The alarm sounded and the door remained open. (5) After the normal trailing pedestrian leaves the protection detection area, the first security detection area detects that an unauthorized person has entered and the door is closed immediately. The alarm sounds.

The growth of the overall market size of China's smart channels The rapid development of the smart access gate market for access control in China, and the continuous expansion of product output, has led to an increase in investment in new investment projects for domestic enterprises. Investors are paying more and more attention to access control gate market, which makes the access control channel market more and more concerned.

From the market point of view, the pedestrian channel products in this market are high in price and profitable, and the cost and technical barriers do not seem to be high. Before that, there were not many domestic manufacturers offering such products. In many domestic projects, foreign high-end brand products are often used. On the one hand, because Party A is not bad, on the other hand, high-end brands have absolute advantages in products. Many domestic manufacturers have thus sniffed the business opportunities, or imitated or autonomous, and for a time, the domestic channel brand has become very popular.

Capital Involvement Accelerating the Development of Smart Passages With the increase in market demand and the large number of capital interventions, the direct role of capital intervention is to make the security industry chain more dynamic than ever before, from suppliers, product manufacturers, distributors, and contractors. To the system maintainers, they have made great progress and have grown at different rates in the overall industry investment scale.

The intervention of capital has accelerated the survival of the fittest and indirectly improved the quality of all aspects of the industry chain. The expansion of the industrial chain and the improvement of its quality will in turn stimulate the sound development of the industry.

Traditional means of personal identification can no longer fully meet the needs of modern social economic activities and social security. From the point of eliminating human insecurity, only identification vouchers that cannot easily be replaced by others, copied, or even their own cannot be transferred. Therefore, from the comprehensive comparison of ease of use, security, maturity and cost, with the continuous advancement of IT (information technology), with the continuous maturity of identification technology, with the rapid development of computer technology, intelligent channel gate technology The rapid development is taking place with an astonishing speed from the traditional magnetic card type to the proximity card, smart card and multi-function card.

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