Can Jinjiuyin 10 bring the coatings consumer market?

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In a blink of an eye, August quickly passed, meaning that the annual golden period of "Golden September, Silver 10" is coming. Every year, Jin Jiu Yin Shi, all walks of life will do their homework, using the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day festivals to launch various preferential policies to make profits, and go all out to achieve the highest annual sales performance.

However, this year, with the introduction and implementation of various national environmental protection policies and the impact of the new normal of China's economy, the real estate industry and the furniture industry have suffered a strong impact. In the coatings industry downstream of the industrial chain, faced with the situation of both real estate and furniture industry decline, the development of some coatings companies has been twisted and twisted, and the market for Jinjiuyin 10 is not optimistic.

In the first half of this year, the overall growth rate of the coatings industry was only 0.9%, which was the first time and significantly lower than the slowdown in GDP growth; the growth rate of output and output value both fell, especially in the fourth and fifth months of the year. The coatings market is in a downturn.

Finally, in the first half of the year, the coating industry ushered in the traditional off-season of the building materials and home market in July and August. Due to the influence of the upstream industry, the sales transcripts handed over by the coatings industry are naturally self-evident. Nowadays, Jin Jiuyin 10 is coming, all walks of life are ready to go, some paint dealers are actively preparing for the battle, thinking about how to make better efforts in Jinjiuyin 10, and some paint dealers worry that even if they work hard, they will not change the downturn of the paint market. . Just when everyone was upset about the current coatings market, the central bank sent good news.

On the evening of August 25th, the central bank announced that it will cut the benchmark interest rate of RMB loans and deposits of financial institutions by 0.25 percentage points from August 26, 2015, and implement a targeted RRR cut of 0.5 percentage points from September 6.

Some people pointed out that the policy of cutting interest rates and lowering the quota is not entirely aimed at the property market. However, for buyers, the continuous reduction of interest rates by the central bank will greatly increase their enthusiasm for buying houses. This is undoubtedly a good thing for the coatings industry downstream of the real estate industry.

Is it possible to subvert the unsatisfactory first half of the paint market by “Golden September and Silver 10”?

Gold, nine, and ten are actually a concept of time. There is no guarantee that all industries will produce satisfactory sales transcripts in these two months. The reason why it is used by the property market to describe the slang of the annual sales season is because of the traditional In the agricultural society, September and October are the harvest seasons for agriculture. People are more abundant in their hands and enter modern society. In September and October, they have two national legal holidays. During this time, people’s consumption psychology is relatively loose, so many The real estate will choose to open in these two months, which constitutes a higher purchase rate than other months, thus promoting the phenomenon of "Golden September and Silver 10".

This year, affected by the new normal of China's economy, the volume of real estate in the first half of the year was generally in a downward trend, and the home improvement building materials market was all the way down. Some coating enterprises were severely hit, confidence was blocked, and the upcoming Jinjiuyin 10 market was not optimistic.

It is understood that the National Building Materials Household Index (BHI) in July 2015 was 99.84, up 0.52 points month on month and down 8.06 points year on year. The sales of building materials and homes above designated size in the country was 92.51 billion yuan in July, up 0.80% from the previous month and down 12.95% year-on-year. Cumulative sales from January to July 2015 were 590.5 billion yuan, down 7.08% year-on-year. The coldness of the building materials home market has caused some coating companies to have concerns about the market trend of Jinjiuyin.

Moreover, people's consumption attitudes are becoming more rational, which is also the reason why some paint companies lack confidence in the market. “Golden September and Silver 10” is a marketing node that is of great significance to many industries. However, due to the severe market situation, the promotion activities of the coating industry have become more and more normal. It was originally intended to do activities to attract consumers, but Unexpectedly, "making a festival" frequently consumes the enthusiasm of consumers.

All kinds of unfavorable factors have led many paint companies to express that the value of Jin Jiu Yin 10 is no longer as good as in previous years. However, some paint companies also indicated that the overall transaction volume of the property market in the first half of the year was in a downward trend, but since July, real estate has rebounded significantly, and the arrival of Jinjiuyin 10 may be able to add to the real estate recovery and save the market for the coatings industry.

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