Cabinet sales quotation model

Cabinet sales quotation model The current popular sales quotation model for China's cabinet industry is Yanmi's quotation. Under the leadership of such front-line brands as Europa and Cobb, the market terminal seems to have acquiesced to this fact. Essentially, in European and American countries, the cabinet terminal sales quotation model is The implementation of the unit cabinet sales model.

Once upon a time, Haier Group, a well-known household appliance company, took the lead in introducing the pricing model of the unit cabinet when it straddled the cabinet industry. After a few twists and turns, the terminal could not only be recognized by consumers, but also difficult to obtain dealers' approval.

In 2011, when competition has become increasingly competitive, major brands have adjusted their marketing ideas and improved their own management systems. The unit cabinet quotation has gradually been accepted by the industry, and most of the new brand cutting cabinet industry chose the unit cabinet model for sales.

I tentatively asked a terminal shopping guide using the unit cabinet sales model: the unit cabinet sales model and extended meter model who is better? The shopping guide immediately gives the answer, of course, is the unit cabinet, because the unit cabinet allows consumers to clearly consume!

When asked whether it is better to offer a shopping guide, the answer is: Yeonmi is better! Because it is convenient for customers to compare the meter, the meter calculation is reasonable and how much is calculated.

It sounds right. Existence is reasonable. Both sales quotation models exist in the terminal. Unit cabinets and extension meters sales model, who is more force? If the benevolent sees the wise and sees the wisdom, the position is difficult to unify.

As far as the "big consortium" currently entering the cabinet industry is concerned, unit cabinets have clearly become a trend. The US kitchens, Wrigley cabinets and nature cabinets all adopt the unit cabinet sales model. We might as well discuss the advantages of the unit cabinet:

1. The unit cabinet model can improve the whole process management system from the sales terminal to the factory. As raw material prices have risen and cost accounting has become increasingly sophisticated, plant-side accounting costs have adopted the unit cabinet model, and the factory-side can directly export this quotation model to the terminals, which not only maintains consistency, but also better solves the problems of dealers and Consumer cognitive transformation.

The unit quotation method is an important part of the order management system. The production core theory of “production-decided sales” in the cabinet industry has already informed the difficulty of production management in this industry. The order management system guarantee must rely on the unit cabinet through the terminal.

Second, from a marketing point of view, the unit cabinet sales model itself is a differentiated sales method, is not common in the market, but it has shown strong vitality, in major markets, more than 80% of the cabinet brands have adopted the sales of extension meters However, in order to quickly expand the market, 20% of the newly-emerged brands, strategic master Michael Porter "industry competition" in particular stressed the principle of differentiation of new brands to break through the market, unit cabinet sales model maverick, he is vague The consumer's sensitivity to price makes the offer more obscure and the differentiation obvious. It can quickly rise at the terminal.

Third, the unit cabinet sales can really allow consumers to clearly understand the consumption. Each cabinet is used for pricing, and several are used to calculate the price. Each cabinet has different functions. The price should naturally be different. In a certain sense, The unit cabinet sales model is truly scientific and reasonable.

Fourth, the unit cabinet price is more suitable for high-end brands. Based on the first two or three points, the unit cabinet has quickly gained recognition in the market. This kind of quotation is “packaged sales”, which means that the quotation for consumers has already included the hardware and functional products required in this functional cabinet, such as Pull baskets, has included the pull basket, the money the consumer buys at the time of purchase is not only a cupboard, but also includes a pull basket. This kind of packaged sales is beneficial to increase the unit price, and is more conducive to improving the matching rate of the brand.

Fifth, the unit cabinet sales model is a typical "do subtraction." That is, the current marketing community has highly praised the “subtractive marketing”. This kind of packaged sales is essentially subtraction sales. The Yanmi pricing model cannot consider the needs of individual customers and will additionally include electric appliances, baskets, and sinks after calculating the extended meter price. And the price of a better handle, which makes it difficult for consumers to accept; in the unit cabinet sales model, if consumers do not need to pull the basket, do not need electrical appliances, sinks, or want to change hands, there is no need to add additional money, but instead Reduce money.

Even if the same final sales price is only changed from the quotation method, the sales results are very different. After experiencing two kinds of quotation, the consumer gradually accepted the sales mode of the unit cabinet and accepted the quotation more than the delay meter. The reason for the high price is simply because it feels "worth."

Therefore, the unit cabinet sales model will gradually become the mainstream of the sales quotation method and will replace the current Yanmi quotation model.

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