British scientists woven into "nano ropes"

A comprehensive research team led by Alan Wendell, a scientist at the University of Cambridge in the UK, recently announced that they have successfully woven "nano-ropes" from fibers made up of carbon nanotubes.
Although these "nano-ropes" are very thin, they are very rigid and hard because they are made of carbon nanotubes, and the diameter of the carbon nanotubes is one-fifth of the diameter of a hair, and its stiffness is Ten times the steel, the hardness is twice that of diamond. Although the length of the "nano-rope" made by scientists is only 20 cm, Alan Wendell's research team believes that after further improvement of their methods, not only can they be arbitrarily increased in length, but also inexpensive to produce and pollute the environment. They believe that this "nano-rope" can be applied to the suspension of long-span bridges. One day, people can use this "nano-rope" to fix a launching platform in the space with the ground to form an artificial ladder. ". Launching satellites on this launch platform can significantly reduce launch costs.

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