Black Cyclone Machinery Development Co., Ltd. held the chairman's office meeting

On February 13, 2009, Black Cyclone Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held a chairman's office meeting in Yichang. The company's management team and the head of the comprehensive management department attended the meeting, and made progress on the work of the work since the work of the SIPO and the overall arrangement in 2009. Reported.

After listening to the company's management team and department report, Chairman Tang Qingming emphasized that: 1. After the work of the General Administration, the company held the 2009 work meeting, sales work meeting, product research and development meeting, and arranged the spirit of the work of the General Administration. The urgent task now is to implement it, especially the detailed management proposed by the company should be implemented, not only in the creation of products, but also in management. 2. The company has been developing steadily in the past few years and has not yet reached the requirements of leaping development. In view of the economic situation in 2009, combined with the actual production and operation of the company, the company should regard human resources as the focus of “grab the resources”, improve the structure of the talent team through various channels, improve the operational ability of the international market, and improve the operational skills of skilled workers; Strengthening accounts receivable and inventory management as the key work of “preventing risks”, focusing on economic activity analysis, identifying problems in time, formulating corrective measures to prevent operational risks, and strengthening the competitiveness of machinery manufacturing industry Through the close integration of product research and development in the market, the continuous strengthening of large-scale project operations, the further segmentation of the market and the vigorous development of the international market, “promoting development”; the company’s development meets the needs of employees’ career growth and income increase, enabling employees The team “smoothly maintains” and thus promotes the long-term development of the company. 3. Fully recognize the importance and complexity of real estate development. Our preliminary work is somewhat extensive and negligent. The next step is to hope that everyone will try their best to solve the difficulties in the process of advancement. Second, we must speed up the progress. Third, we must effectively implement the work and ensure the smooth opening of the fourth quarter. 4. The building materials industry must continue to grow by effectively utilizing resources, both to increase the total amount and to increase the benefits. Strengthen management, especially security management. The operation of the Science and Technology Park should reduce the cost. The company must also find ways to develop resources, and also use good policies to reduce the company's tax pressure. 5. After the reorganization of the company, the cadres at all levels must truly organize the organization, the ideas are in place, and the actions are in place. To establish a sense of responsibility and a sense of urgency, we must consider the long-term development of the company, formulate development strategies and safeguard measures, give directions to employees, form a team force, and promote the company's development.

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