Bisphenol A market is strong

Since late August, the domestic bisphenol A market has soared. In September 6, the mainstream quoted price of bisphenol A in the East China market was 19,300 to 1,950 yuan (t price, the same below), and the reference price was 19,200 to 19,400 yuan. The tight supply in the spot market makes merchants more willing to wait and see. Although the current raw material phenol has increased kinetic energy consumption by half, but the high prices of bisphenol A more from the supply side tight support, I am afraid that the passive acceptance of the downstream high level still needs a certain period of time.

Recently, bisphenol A has gone all the way up and running. The phenols and BPA are probably the most appropriate interpretations. Tianjin (Zhongsha) 350,000-ton/year phenolic ketone plant broke down unexpectedly and repaired for 3 weeks on August 26th, plus Yanshan East District 100,000 tons/year plant was repaired in early September and Nantong 90,000 tons/year plant was repaired in early September The release of news again raised the price of phenol to 17,000 to 17,200 yuan. Subsequently, the North led, the domestic phenol production companies have gradually opened up the rise, the spot market has actively followed up the water rose, or more than a thousand dollars, for the bisphenol A spot market to provide further support.

Then, in July, bisphenol A customs import data was issued. The import volume of 25,300 tons was reduced by more than 40% compared with the normal month. After deducting factory orders and digesting supplies in the processing of feeds and general trade, the circulation of bisphenol A in July was difficult to exceed 6,000 tons. In view of the related product epichlorohydrin soaring 3,000 yuan in early August, the bisphenol A import market was lightened, the instantaneous atmosphere of the bisphenol A spot market was greatly reversed, and the consensus on tightening the price of goods was widely reached between the markets.

Domestic news surfaced frequently, and some events in the international market contributed to the price of bisphenol A. The first is the tight supply caused by equipment repairs or accidents in September: Taiwan’s South Asia’s three production lines in September planned to stop and overhaul; Japan’s Mitsui Chiba's 90,000-ton/year device is reduced by 50% when the supply of upstream phenolic ketones is reduced. In early September, maintenance was planned for two weeks. If the overhaul is implemented normally, the market loss in September will be above 20,000 tons. Coupled with the Chinese market soaring stimulus, the strong rebound in the external disk of bisphenol A, last week's cargo cargo price rose to 2150 ~ 2200 US dollars, the formation of internal and external disk linkage.