Autumn decoration should pay attention

Tip: When the fall is over, many families choose to decorate the house in the fall. However, what should be paid attention to in the decoration, the following star hardware network for you to briefly introduce the home improvement, should pay attention to several issues.

It is understood that the foreman in charge of the decoration will show you a list of materials you need to purchase (depending on the way the decoration is made, the materials you need to purchase will be different), and the time you need to ship to the site (because the renovation needs many Manpower, material resources, financial resources, so there will be many uncertain factors in the construction, such as the shortage of funds, so it is generally approximate time range). Many renovation teams are using the building materials the next day, only to tell you one day in advance, when it is too late to buy. So before buying building materials, don't forget to ask for a detailed list. In this way, the cost can be controlled on the one hand, and the construction period is kept as far as possible from delay.


Understand the basic arrangements of the construction period, such as the renovation of the water circuit, the sealing of the wood, the paste of the tile, the production of the ceiling keel and so on. This way you can arrange your time reasonably and check the quality on site at regular intervals. The construction period should be based on your room type, area and construction content. In general, oil workers are more time-consuming and should not be too rushed. The average two-bedroom level can be completed in 40 days, but it is not very generous, and the process and main materials should be arranged.

Quality inspection time

Because home improvement is a procedural service, there are many processes, and every link is not good, it will affect the quality of home improvement. For example, when brushing latex paint, if the wall surface is not handled well, the latex paint will appear cracked or even peeled off after brushing. Therefore, if the wall of the old building is smeared with sand ash, it should be shoveled off and the wall should be re-grinded with cement to ensure that the wall latex paint does not crack and the wallpaper does not fall off. If it is a new house, the wall has been painted. At this time, the nail can be scratched on the wall. If there is no powder drop, the latex paint can be directly applied. Therefore, it is best to go to the construction site for supervision and inspection in time according to the schedule. The most effective way is to suggest that you understand the time of quality inspection and supervision to the site, you can agree on the time, and go to the scene with them, so if you find the problem, you can solve it in time. In order to avoid the hidden dangers after the event.

Avoid disputes

Some owners do not know how to understand and install in the home decoration, and they are commanding the workers. Some workers will deliberately make bad. He knows that you are not right, but it is done according to what you said. When the problem comes, let you save money. Therefore, if there is any doubt about the construction of the workers, do not directly change the workers. Even if you say it, they will not necessarily change. It is best to find a supervisor or a foreman. This is useful. And it is best to drop the word. This makes it easy to distinguish between responsibilities and avoid unnecessary construction and cause unnecessary losses to the owner, so as to avoid disputes after the renovation.

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