Application of multi-card reader in city information construction

Application background

A city on the southeast coast is one of the earliest open cities in China and one of the earliest special economic zones. It has been at the forefront of the country in terms of urban planning, municipal construction, and citizen welfare. The construction also started earlier and formed some more distinctive application programs. Under the vigorous promotion of the municipal government, the city has successively implemented a public transportation IC card payment management system, a medical insurance information management system, a public micro-payment management system based on a bus card IC card, and a temporary parking meter charging system There are also hospital information management systems (HIS) independently operated by major hospitals. At the same time, due to the early start, no experience to learn from, and the constraints of the technical level and product conditions at that time, each system has more or less some deficiencies or defects, especially during the operation of each system, it is not easy to do Information exchange and resource sharing, so that the investment of network and hardware also causes unnecessary waste, and also brings a lot of inconvenience to the actual use of the citizens.

Whether the existing cards in the hands of citizens can be fully utilized to activate the “balances” in various cards and make full use of existing technical means to achieve information sharing. These are the problems that system builders need to solve urgently. The project ?? The construction of "Citizen Health Information Management System" mentioned the schedule. With the gradual realization of network information interconnection and interconnection of various systems, a convenient installation is needed, which can read and write magnetic cards, contact IC cards, and inductive IC cards. At the same time, it is necessary to support the reading and writing of multiple PSAM cards, and even to enter a password. It is best to have a multi-in-one card reader with LCD display. Deca Z9 all-in-one card reader came into being in this context.

Product introduction and use

The standard Z9 card reader has the following functions and technical highlights. First of all, its main deck can read and write contact logic encryption cards and CPU cards that comply with the ISO7816 standard. In this way, the medical insurance card (SLE4428 logical encryption IC card) issued by the city in the past and the medical card issued by major hospitals (mostly SLE4442 logical encryption IC card) can be fully supported. Insurance cards (mostly CPU cards) provide upgrade preparation. Secondly, Z9 has a magnetic card reading and writing slot, which can read the magnetic stripe content of standard magnetic cards (such as UnionPay cards). In this way, the magnetic stripe type medical card issued by many hospitals can be smoothly transitioned. At the same time, under the support of certain network conditions, users are expected to realize direct medical treatment and payment using UnionPay cards. At the same time, Z9 provides a standard password keyboard and LCD display, and even provides four PSAM cards including a standard large card and three small cards, in order to fully realize UnionPay card transactions and specific system customization The equipment use authorization provides perfect technical guarantee.

Application diagram of multi-card reader

We can also choose the enhanced Z9 according to our needs. This type of device adds a radio frequency card reader module on the basis of the standard device, providing read and write of non-contact IC cards that comply with ISO14443. With the perfect support for the "Citizen's Micropayment IC Card" issued in the early days, it became possible for this card to become a "Citizen Card" in the true sense.

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