Application and protection of slewing bearings

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Application and protection of slewing bearings

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3.1 Check the bolts and abnormalities of the device. After about 100 hours of operation, check the pre-tightening torque of the bolts of the inner ring and the outer ring device; look at it once every 500 hours.
If it is used, it will show abnormal phenomena such as noise, impact and power increase; it should be stopped and inspected.
3. 2 smooth slewing bearing behind the device; according to the actual application conditions; fill the appropriate smooth grease; and should fill the bearing while filling the edge to make the smooth grease evenly distributed; until the new grease starts to squeeze the sealing lip to stop. 50~ per distance Filling once in 100 hours; in the higher environment and more dusty conditions, the grease filling cycle should be shorter. It is necessary to add new smooth grease before and after the machine is stopped for a long time.
3. 3 The slewing bearing shall be removed and installed with the installed slewing bearing; the sleeve and the sleeve and the parts between the column and the column shall not be exchanged. When the bearing is dismantled and removed, it shall be carried out according to the bearing installation drawing; the upper and lower halves shall be set. The ring should be installed in the original drilling direction.
Tooth surface should be removed every 10 days; and coated with smooth grease.
3. 4 smooth grease selection of slewing bearing smooth; due to more induction work elements; users can choose the best smooth grease according to specific requirements.

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