Analysis of the status quo of East China's wooden doors industry to promote better development of the industry

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's wooden door industry, the domestic wooden door industry market has formed five core areas: the Greater Beijing-Tianjin, the Pan-Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the three northeastern provinces, and the northwest and southwest regions. Among them, most of the most competitive regions are concentrated in East China, including Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, and Shanghai. The author believes that in-depth understanding and analysis of the development trend of the wood industry in East China will help the healthy development of wooden doors.

At present, the development prospects of the wooden door industry in East China are mixed. Fortunately, in recent years, the annual growth rate of the domestic wood door industry output reached 25%. So far, there have been more than 1,000 companies engaged in the production of wooden doors in East China, and many of them are large-scale enterprises with annual output of several thousand to tens of thousands of wooden doors. Worryingly, the rising prices of resource materials such as wood and the increase in labor costs are still a constant trend; foreign wooden door companies have entered the domestic market, and export-oriented wooden door companies have begun to expand domestic markets and venture capital industries have increased their exposure to large enterprises. The support has increased the risk of SMEs' survival. So how can the East China wooden door industry develop better? The following nine Xiaobian make analysis for you.

Continuing brand strategy According to relevant statistics, importing 1 ton of wooden doors from abroad is equivalent to the price of exporting 3 tons of wooden doors. In contrast, the wooden door products exported by China still lack the basic competitive strength in the international market. Looking at various types of print and online media propaganda nowadays, all walks of life do their best, but wood door advertising is rare. Therefore, the wood industry needs to implement a brand strategy if it wants to seize the opportunity to dominate the market.

Moderate packaging of products around the brand's core values ​​and differentiating the appropriate packaging of enterprises and products, such as product brochures and store construction, if you want to have a high brand, you can not simply design it, but to ask professional Institutions, preferably the planning agencies that have research on the building materials industry, have tailor-made plans for them.

The formation of a marketing alliance to form a strategic sales alliance to expand the brand tension, this model can enable companies to win competitive advantage and brand awareness in a short period of time. The form of alliance can be differentiating brand alliances in the same industry, different industry alliances, and alliances of upstream and downstream supply and demand partners, etc. Through engaging in interactive marketing and resource sharing, the awareness of customers can be improved, and the resonance effect of performance and brand can be created.

Strong distribution channels construction terminal for the building materials industry is king, who has mastered the terminal, who will rule the market. It is not recommended that companies rush to advance in the national market, and that the idea and strength of regional brands should be gradually promoted throughout the country.

Strengthening product development and innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development of enterprises, especially in the building materials industry where the products are highly homogenized. For the East China wooden door industry, due to the relative lag in the development of the industry, compared to other industries, there is still room for greater brand development. Of course, product quality is the most basic, and products without quality are lifeless. In addition, unique and innovative designs and inventions must apply for patents. Enterprises must use intellectual property laws to prevent other companies from imitating and plagiarizing and ensure that products enter the market smoothly.

Timely promotion is a double-edged sword. The operation is good, the company is profitable, the operation is not good, the brand image is affected, and consumer trust is lost. There are four things to do in order to do a good job of promotion: First, preparation should be sufficient; Second, do not fight price wars; price wars make distributors and small and medium-sized enterprises even more sad; third, promotion must be creative; fourth, manufacturers and dealers should cooperate with each other , Double benefits, to make profits to consumers.

Pay attention to network marketing and mobile marketing Network marketing has a wide range, fast speed, low cost, any company is not limited by its own absolute scale, can access information on an equal basis and display their own advantages. It can quickly expand the visibility of small businesses.

In summary, whether it is a large company or a small company, in such a crisis and favorable environment, opportunities and challenges coexist in the market environment, as long as they can grasp the direction of the prospective market and stick to the correct view, it is believed that Huadong Wooden Door Enterprise will Develop better.