Analysis of consumption trends in the second half of 2010

What trends does furniture consumption show in the second half of 2010? Mr. Huang, who focuses on furniture network sales, said that in the second half of 2010, the consumption trend of the furniture industry will develop in five directions.

After this round of global financial turmoil, the entire international economic environment is changing. The golden years of China ’s exports are likely to become history, which will inevitably lead to the crisis and transformation of China ’s low-value-added, labor-intensive enterprises, and at the same time the era of Chinese consumers tightening their belts to live their lives. Against this background, what trends does furniture consumption show in the second half of 2010? Mr. Huang, who focuses on furniture network sales, said that in the second half of 2010, the consumption trend of the furniture industry will develop in five directions.

First, consumers have entered the era of full participation.

Today ’s consumers have to comment on whether they are consuming or not consuming the products of enterprises. Consumers are no longer passive. They want to be able to talk to companies at any time, and they do not believe in authority, but also intuition and word of mouth. This indicates that the era of unity of production and sales arrival.

Second, the emergence of low-carbon furniture.

The convening of the Copenhagen Conference last year made "low carbon" a topic of common concern for all walks of life. This year, the theme of Shanghai World Expo-"Better City, Better Life", makes us full of imagination about the future low-carbon life. With the deepening of people's understanding of environmental protection, low carbon has penetrated into all corners of society, and has even become a way of life. The elephant furniture sold by Melaleuca Furniture embodies the direction of sustainable development strategy. The main material of the elephant furniture is the honeycomb panel, which is an environmentally friendly material, which has the characteristics of natural degradation, no pollution to the environment and recycling. Elephant furniture is a new material with low carbon, green, energy saving, environmental protection and high technology. It uses one ton of recycled honeycomb paper material, which can replace 30-50 cubic meters of wood, greatly reducing the use of wood, protecting the ever-decreasing forest resources, and reducing the high cost of China's large imports of wood. Even if the furniture is abandoned, the elephant furniture will only produce very little waste, and the whole process is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Third, the rise of healthy consumption.

Affected by melamine, H1N1, etc., in the second half of 2010, consumers' attention to health has increased sharply, and they prefer natural and environmentally friendly products. Furniture companies establishing a healthy and environmentally friendly brand image will bring more products to the product. Market opportunities.

Fourth, the emergence of refined life.

For paint consumers at this stage, it is not necessary to buy high-end brand furniture to show their exquisite life, but a little hard work can get the exquisite living space they want, such as a beautifully decorated and comfortable home, as long as You are creative, everything is possible. Furniture furniture products can satisfy the middle-income but fashionable consumers' psychology, and at the same time meet their purchasing power in the market, high-end furniture brands will compete at both ends of the high and low, in order to meet the tide of "national refined", the world's top furniture brand The corresponding market strategy must be adjusted to launch products that satisfy the next step of the consumer market.

Fifth, the rise of women's consumption power.

According to the data, in the past two decades, the income of women in the United States has increased by 63%, while the income of men has remained unchanged (+ 0.6%). Women ’s income accounts for half or more of the total household income in 55% of American households. In addition, due to women's improvement in education, this growth is accelerating. Relevant information shows that in the United States, women control about 80% of consumer spending, which accounts for 2/3 of the national GDP. According to the statistics of China's third census, women accounted for 48.7% of China's population, of which young and middle-aged women aged 20-50 with strong consumption power and greater influence on consumption accounted for about 21% of the total population. At the same time, a survey shows that in household consumption behaviors, women often act as the “chief purchasing officer” of the family. Especially in household goods and other links, the wife plays the leading role.

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