Amazon launches smart lock system, no one can still receive express delivery (beneficiary stock)

Amazon announced that it will introduce a smart lock system that allows couriers to deliver packages directly to customers' homes, even if they are not in the home. The system is called "Amazon Key" and consists of a smart lock and camera system. Users can control remotely. The relevant person in charge of Amazon said that this move is a core part of the future shopping experience. In addition to the express delivery business, the system can also be extended to other applications, such as friends and housekeeping staff.

Coincidentally, last month, Amazon rival Wal-Mart announced that it would test a new courier service in Silicon Valley to feed the fresh food purchased by the user directly into the refrigerator in the user's home. Its operation process is basically the same as Amazon Key.

In recent years, the concept of smart home is hot, and smart lock is the first entrance to smart home. At present, the penetration rate of smart locks in Japan is about 50%, while that in South Korea is 80%, while the penetration rate in China is less than 2%. If the penetration rate of 50% can be achieved, the capacity of the entire smart lock market can reach 175 million sets. According to Analysys estimates, the smart lock industry growth rate will be 101.1% in 2017, the market sales will reach 8.137 million sets; the market growth rate will be 98.3% in 2018, the market sales will reach 16.163 million sets; the industry growth rate will still be as high as 2019 95.4%, when the market sales will reach 32.247 million sets.

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Jianlang Hardware 002791, Diagnostics : In 2012, the company began to deploy smart lock business, and the brand has been fully recognized by the market. The company is expected to promote the expansion of smart lock business through the brand effect of “Jianlang” and continuously increase the market share of smart home.

Shensi Electronics 300479, Diagnostic Unit : Multimodal Biometrics and Smart Locks have completed sample development and trial use.

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