After finishing the steps to decorate the house, let you pretend to be a good house

Renovating a house is a big headache for every owner. Especially for an inexperienced owner who is renovating a house for the first time, he may not even know where to start. So today the editor will introduce the steps to decorate the house , and let you pretend to build a good house after reading it!

Steps to decorate the house 1. Preliminary design

The preliminary design is mainly to design a series of designs for the house according to your living habits, and make a detailed measurement of the room and living room. The main contents of the measurement are the tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area, thousands Do n’t be lazy, it ’s best to measure it yourself.

Step 2 of decorating the house

The main demolition is the first project on the construction stage. The main contents include demolition of walls, masonry, shoveling, heating, plastic steel windows, etc. To put it bluntly, it is to build a rough frame for the entire construction site.

Steps to decorate the house 3. Hydropower renovation

Hydropower transformation is the most important step in the whole house decoration. If the hydropower transformation is not done well, then there will be a lot of troubles in the follow-up when living, so it is best to be able to do it yourself during the construction step Conduct monitoring.

Steps to decorate the house 4. Carpentry

Woodworkers, bricklayers, and oilers can be said to be the "three brothers" in the construction process. Their basic appearance order is: wood-tiles-oil, such as woodworkers such as standing pipes, decorative ceilings, and plaster lines. In a sense, life is a detailed consideration of the main body's dismantling and modification, and does not conflict with the water circuit transformation.

Steps to decorate the house 5. Paint the wall

As long as you paint the wall paint, you only need to do some basic treatment on the wall surface of the wallpaper. As for whether you want to leave the top coat for the last time, personally feel that you are mainly looking at yourself.

Step 6 of floor decoration

After the wooden door is installed, the floor can be installed the next day. Generally, if the process is smooth, about one day is enough. Before installing the floor, it is best to ask the manufacturer to check whether the ground needs to be leveled. Finally, the actual survey shall prevail, and then clean the floor to ensure the dryness of the floor and start the installation.

Steps to decorate the house 7. Switch and socket installation

When decorating, be sure to have a detailed understanding or record of the number and location of the switches and sockets in the home, especially if there are wallpapers at home, so as to avoid the irresponsibility of some wallpaper workers and stick all the socket holes.

Editor's summary; the above is the steps that the editor shared about renovating the house and all the contents that let you pretend to be a good house. After all of these have been improved, it is the pioneering cleaning and furniture to enter the field, and then let the house dry for a few months, you can move into the new house.

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