6 points to pay attention to when purchasing water treatment products

With increasing water pollution, water quality has become a topic of concern. Water treatment products also quickly become a necessity for life. Before the purchasers can buy, it is inevitable that they will ask what they should pay attention to when buying water treatment equipment. Today Xiao Bian came to tell everyone what precautions should be taken when purchasing water.

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one. Consider the water quality of your own area

Select water treatment equipment that meets local water quality. Each water purifier is not universal. Before purchasing, you should first understand the function of the water purifier and the water quality of local tap water, so as to avoid wasting money and getting no expected results. If you do not know the water quality, consult your service provider can provide you with water quality testing services (purchasing softener central water purifier and other customers).

two. Know what you want to solve, water use, quantity of water usage, etc.

The family members, daily average water consumption, and quantity of water points are the main basis for the service provider to determine the required products for the owner. Therefore, to purchase water treatment products, it is necessary to have a clear picture of the daily water consumption of the family and the number of people who normally live.

three. Consider the installation method and space of water pipes and cabinets

If the home is or has not been renovated, it is necessary to determine the plan and design requirements of the water treatment product before the hydropower reform and reserve the space and space according to the corresponding requirements; if it is an old house or a fully-furnished house, you need to determine whether there is a corresponding Installation space. It is advisable for service providers to check the site and ensure the installation space during installation and maintenance of the product.

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