4C Technology - Building an Intelligent Residential Community

The intelligent residential community uses 4C (ie, computer, communication and network, self-control, and IC card) technologies to integrate multi-divided residential services and management, property management and security, and residential intelligent systems into residential communities through an effective transmission network. The service and management provide high-tech and intelligent means to achieve fast and efficient premium services and management, providing a safe and comfortable home environment.

Intelligent communities generally include security systems such as closed-circuit television monitoring systems, intercom security door systems, household alarm systems, and security patrol management systems. Management and monitoring systems include remote metering systems for water, electricity, gas, and heat. Power supply equipment Public lighting Elevators, water supply and other major equipment monitoring systems, management of vehicle access / parking management system, emergency broadcast and background music systems, property computer management systems; information network systems, including broadband, television, telecommunications, control networks, home networks.

Each system has a basic configuration. Different configurations are different for different cells. In order to rationally configure intelligent system construction for residential communities of different types, different living objects, and different construction standards, the Ministry of Construction currently divides intelligent communities into one-star, two-star, and three-star. But it does not mean that designing by the three-star standard is the best solution. The star classification is for different grades of residential communities. Simply put, one-star applies to affordable residential communities, two-star applies to comfortable residential communities, and three-star applies to luxury residential communities. The selection of a certain type of star depends on the positioning of the real estate, that is, the actual needs of the owner and the correct positioning of the intelligent system of the community, so as to be economical and practical.