21 vacuum pump maintenance tips

Vacuum pump is the use of mechanical, physical, chemical or physical and chemical methods of pumping the container was evacuated to obtain the vacuum device or device. In order to better put into use, vacuum pump repair is particularly important, the following Asian Fluid Network Xiaobian bring you the relevant vacuum pump repair tips introduced. 21 vacuum pump maintenance tips 1, vacuum pump maintenance should always check the oil level position, do not meet the requirements must be adjusted to meet the requirements. With vacuum pump operation, the oil level to the center of the oil standard. 2, vacuum pump repair and maintenance should always check the oil quality, oil deterioration should be found in a timely manner to replace the new oil, to ensure that the vacuum pump is working properly. 3, the oil change period according to the actual conditions of use and can meet the performance requirements and other considerations, by the user discretion. General vacuum pump repair and maintenance of the new vacuum pump, pumping clean and dry gas, it is recommended to work around 100 hours oil change. Oil to be seen after the black metal powder, the oil may be extended after the expiration date. 4, under normal circumstances, vacuum pump maintenance, vacuum pump work after 2000 hours should be overhauled to check the aging of the rubber seal to check whether the exhaust valve cracking, cleaning the valve plate and exhaust valve seat on the dirt. Clean the entire vacuum chamber components, such as the rotor, rotary vane, springs and so on. General use of gasoline cleaning, and drying. After cleaning the rubber parts with a dry cloth can be dry. When cleaning the assembly should be carefully handled and bruised. 5, conditional on the same pipe cleaning, to ensure smooth pipeline has reached the vacuum pump maintenance effect. 6, reassembly should be carried out after the trial run, the general should be empty for 2 hours and change the oil twice, because cleaning will leave a certain amount of volatile in the vacuum pump, to be functioning properly, and then put into normal work. 7, Check the vacuum pump pipe and joints with loose phenomenon. Rotate the vacuum pump by hand to see if the vacuum pump is flexible. 8, add bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body, observing the oil level should be at the centerline of the oil standard, lubricating oil should be replaced or replenished promptly. 9, vacuum pump maintenance Need to unscrew the vacuum pump head diversion plug, pouring diversion (or cited pulp). 10, vacuum pump repair and maintenance should be shut off the outlet valve and outlet pressure gauges and imported vacuum gauge. 11, move the motor, try to see the motor steering is correct. 12, start the motor, when the vacuum pump is operating normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and import vacuum pump, depending on the appropriate pressure showed, gradually open the gate valve, while checking the motor load vacuum pump maintenance. 13, try to control the vacuum pump flow and head of the range indicated on the sign to ensure that the vacuum pump in the highest efficiency point of operation, in order to get the maximum energy-saving effect. 14, the vacuum pump in operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature 35C, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80C. 15, vacuum pump repair If there is an abnormal sound vacuum pump should stop immediately check the reasons. 16, to stop using the vacuum pump, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor. 17, vacuum pump in the first month of work, after 100 hours to replace the oil, after each 500 hours, oil change time. 18, often adjust the packing gland to ensure normal drip leakage in the packing room (to drop leakage appropriate). 19, Check the wear and tear of the shaft sleeve regularly, should be promptly replaced after wear larger. 20, in order to vacuum pump maintenance, vacuum pump in the winter season when used, after parking, you need to unscrew the lower part of the pump drain plug the media to the net. Prevent cracking. 21, long-term deactivation of the vacuum pump, the pump required to open all, dry the water, the rotating parts and joints coated with grease installed, safekeeping. The above is the introduction of vacuum pump maintenance and repair brought by Asia Fluid Network Xiaobian, I hope for you in the vacuum pump repair and maintenance to provide effective help. (Editor: Qian Wen)

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