2017, Wald enters the year of the award!

Abstract In 2017, at the annual meeting of Beijing Wald Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Jifeng, Chairman of Wald, announced that Wald will enter the year of the award! The integration and adjustment of Wald's technology innovation reward system will not only cover all aspects of technology research and development in all aspects...
In 2017, at the annual meeting of Beijing Wald Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Jifeng, Chairman of Wald, announced that Wald will enter the year of the award! The integration and adjustment of Wald's technology innovation reward system will not only cover all stages of technology research and development, but also increase the amount of awards for research and development innovation.
“Walde started to develop and innovate, and also succeeded in R&D and innovation.” Chen Jifeng said, “Based on technology research and development, we can achieve higher development. As long as it is technical invention and research and development that is helpful to the company's various businesses, products or company development. Innovation, the company will fully support and pay a lot of bonus rewards."
Since Wald began to reward and reward the company's internal technological innovation, the Wald people have triggered a wave of technological innovation. The data shows that in recent years, Wald's patent authorization and application volume have been in a blowout state, with an annual increase of more than 30%; the technical achievements of the company's technology innovation awards have also increased. At the same time, the company's incentives for technological innovation are also increasing year by year. On the basis of this, Chairman Chen Jifeng once again raised the amount of awards for technological innovation, and the amount of prizes for some major research and development projects was as high as several hundred thousand yuan. In addition, the wages and benefits of technicians have also been greatly improved.
It is reported that Wald's rewards for technological innovation are divided into four categories. First, the patent award: direct awards to the inventors who authorized the patents in the year, bonuses are assessed according to the type of patent and the importance of technology; second, the technical innovation award: rewards the company's various technological innovations; : Rewarding the target evaluation system for major R&D projects, and rewarding the relevant technical indicators after the completion of the relevant technical indicators; Fourth, the technical commission award: the direct economic benefits generated by the technology developed by the technology R&D personnel in the company's products are taken in a commissioned manner. reward. These four awards cover all stages of the technology development process. From idea to practice to the final flowering results, as long as the technicians have the idea to do, have the ability to do well, and have perseverance to do the fine, Wald will spare no effort to build a platform to give the technicians the best development space.
Ten years of wind and rain, continuous R&D investment and strong admiration for innovation have also made Wald a fruitful one. At present, Walter's mainstream products - high-precision diamond cutter wheel series products and high-precision super-hard tool series products are produced through the company's internal technology research and development and innovation. Better use of products that are closer to customers and new strategic products are also being polished in the next step by technicians. The most valuable of Wald's harvest is a group of young, energetic and passionate technical teams. For the challenges of the market, the needs of customers, and the development of the industry, the Wald people never fear and overcome difficulties.
Let the skilled and capable people live a comfortable and decent life. This is the philosophy that Mr. Chen Jifeng, Chairman of Wald, has always been. Wald is not only a high-tech enterprise, but also a well-known national brand in the industry. It is also a cause for the Wald people to work together. Ten years of innovation, ten years of unremitting efforts, Beijing Wald Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is waiting for it, looking forward to the ideals and ambitious people to join our cause, together to help the national industry take off!

Galvanized Steel Sheets

   GI/galvanized steel sheetsl/corrugated steel sheet /corrugated roofing sheet have superior performance and ideal corrosion resistance, forming, coating and other comprehensive properties, and are mainly used in construction, automobile, metallurgy and electrical appliances industries.  A new 350,000-ton continuous galvanizing unit has been added to our company. This unit adopts the US steel combined production process, which is galvanized strip after cooling by hot galvanizing, and has the functions of smoothing, tension straightening, passivation and oiling.  It can produce all kinds of galvanized steel sheets with thickness of 0.13-1.2mm and width of 700-1250mm.

   The hot dipped galvanized line of our company possesses high-tech advanced equipments,smoothing machine ,narrow lap welding machine,straightening machine.First class equipment,first class products.

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