2011 E-Commerce Achievement Hardware Bathroom Industry Future

Hardware industry e-commerce test

As the price of upstream raw materials has generally risen, the cost of the hardware industry has grown very rapidly this year, but the price of hardware products in the entire market has fallen even further. In the building materials market, there are brands of "50% off, 60% off, and 70% off" at the gates of some well-known brands everywhere. Some discounted prices are very low. Agents are exhausted every day and they get The profits are pitifully low, and coming and going is equivalent to only being a porter. Due to excessive competition, bathroom brands are very passive and agents are helpless, but consumers still feel that prices are too expensive. In the past, as long as the activities were carried out, the people all over the country went to grab it. This year, everyone went to grab salt. This is the market this year.

However, in the predecessor's situation, the trading volume of the industry has also dropped sharply. Agents generally feel that this year's overall market flow is less than half of last year. As the market scale continues to shrink, blindly making low prices, everyone's profits will not be guaranteed.

It seems that the era of "incremental growth" has left us. The more brutal market status and competitive situation have forced us to the edge of the cliff. The simple manufacture of power is only the power of the void, it is a kind of illusion. The deepening of single channels and intensive cultivation can no longer solve the problem. Only through channel innovation can we achieve an increase in profitability, so that ceramic companies can truly emerge from the predicament.

Looking at shopping malls, many companies began to test water in the field of e-commerce. For example, selling books on the Internet has resulted in Dangdang. Selling electronic products on the Internet has made Jingdong Mall a success. Selling clothing on the internet has made every customer, and the success of Taobao. It shows that the market competition is more cruel and the market share of online shopping has increased. The greater today, e-commerce has become a clear way out. Die Baihui, CEO of DieNet pointed out that Chinese netizens have now exceeded 400 million, and more than 100 million netizens have chosen or have chosen online shopping. In 2010, the online shopping volume in China’s online shopping market reached 500 billion yuan. This market can be described as extremely large. The rush of the market is also one of the "territories" that the vast number of enterprises are scrambling for in the next few years.

The online shopping of sanitary ware products has already begun to enter the public life in these two years. Some websites have also made notable achievements and sold tens of millions of sales. This gives us great confidence. However, these are small-scale ventures, and their share is not large. No enterprise has put online shopping into its main marketing strategy. It can be said that the real combination of e-commerce and sanitary ware is “not to be called out”. This is also determined by the nature of the product. According to the habit of people buying sanitary products, many people need a real experience to decide to buy.

Create a revolutionary new marketing model

The hardware industry must carefully create a revolutionary new marketing model. Through the "online shopping platform" + "solid experience store" + "customer support center" three systems to jointly support, to achieve great improvement in profitability, successfully solve e-commerce in the industry The sticking problem. For the problem of experience, we can set up display-based franchise stores in major cities across the country to allow consumers to “see and feel” our products, provide them with psychological protection, and are also accustomed to Consumers of physical transactions provide traditional trading methods. The after-sales service of all products (online + offline) in the area where these physical stores are located will solve the “bottleneck” that many building materials store after-sales services cannot guarantee.

The e-commerce we see on the surface is just a website. In fact, the entire environment also includes the supply chain, logistics, and after-sales service. These factors are the key to determining the success or failure. In response to these challenges, the only one is prepared. The only operating system is an independent platform, which realizes the docking of data by means of information, so that all procurement, production, warehousing, logistics, and distribution are connected by IT systems. All the tedious contents are maintained in the background, regardless of operational efficiency. Management is the implementation of efficiency, all show unparalleled advantages. For franchisees, as long as they concentrate on their own front desk sales.

Bathroom products still have low attention characteristics. Many consumers do not understand product performance and price well. They will make online supplements before making purchases, which is extremely beneficial to our online publicity. In the only new model, online marketing will be the highlight. The only accurate marketing based on the Internet database, will gradually establish the visibility of the network bathroom, and promote product sales.

The rapid development of the Internet economy makes e-commerce inevitably become an insurmountable model in the new era. This is an opportunity for development. If it is missed, the future development of the enterprise may become too monotonous, and the traditional economic form cannot be ignored. . Therefore, the best way is to walk on two legs, interact online and offline, supplement each other, and rely on each other. This will also create more opportunities and markets in development.

However, in the process of e-commerce development, the door companies also face many problems. The online shopping market has frequent problems:

Virtual network cannot be practically experienced

When visiting Tianba Wood, the person in charge of the marketing department said: “Buying windows and doors on the Internet will make customers question how much the product will be. Even if there are many young online shopping families who are excited about the online shopping of doors and windows, how many will allow customers to Questioned.” Another manager of Tianba Woods responsible for operations in Chengdu also said: “Not all online buyers recognize the market for doors and windows, and even older customers are not even interested in the window and Internet market. They We believe that this is a product that requires "real experience" and that it will not be reassured if it is not touched." In the end, Tianba Wood CEO said: "So, we will gradually implement e-commerce in stages in Tianba Wood. After all, This market is still only in its infancy."

After-sale protection is difficult

Door and window products are not less convenient than home textile items, small accessories, etc., and are rarely post-sale disputes; they belong to large items. Although they are sold on the Internet, professional installers are required to install them. This is relatively certain. The limitation is that the designer or the installation team has limited the area to purchase this type of doors and windows.

How to develop e-commerce step by step?

Carefully working and putting a good service

In addition to the quality of doors and windows, the installation of windows and doors, and a series of after-sales problems are also obstacles to the development of the online shopping market. There are indeed some dishonest behaviors in the online shopping market. This brings harm to consumers, while the shopping platform itself has lost the trust of consumers. This is not just a temporary loss for e-commerce businesses.

"If you want a healthier door and window e-commerce market, you need to meticulously cultivate the channels for online shopping. Only on the basis of good faith, use sincere service, effectively serve consumers, and always stand on the side of consumers and listen to consumers. The voice of the market will be able to push the more promising home network market to another peak." Love wood CEO said.

Good quality

The quality of doors and windows is the basis for the development of the online shopping market for doors and windows. It is only by rigorously high standards to require ourselves and prevent the inflow of counterfeit goods. Only at the source can we find the basis for ensuring the development of the entire window and door shopping market.

Establish a professional online sales team

Due to the virtual nature of e-commerce, doors and windows e-commerce companies must establish a professional team to truly give customers a sense of trust. The so-called professionalism, Gao Yang emphasized that, on the one hand, the information on doors and windows must be authentic and reliable, and professional; on the other hand, as the terminal sales staff must have professional knowledge of home building materials, decoration knowledge, and sales skills, to the maximum extent possible customer service.

Open line inspection center

The person in charge of Yimuxuan Wooden Door Manufacturing Factory in Qingzhou, Qingyuan County, Chengdu, said that for most consumers, they are always accustomed to the traditional “look and feel” window and door consumption concept, which is also a major bottleneck in the development of online shopping of doors and windows. How can we find a breakthrough point? Adding line inspections is a solution.