2009 equipment industry industry operation analysis report

The overall operating situation is: under the investment promotion and policy promotion, the growth rate of production has risen moderately, and the driving effect of automobile consumption is obvious, and the profit is accelerated. The added value of the equipment industry above designated size increased by 13.8% year-on-year, down 3.3 percentage points year-on-year; the first two months increased by 5.4%, and then climbed month by month, achieving double-digit growth for eight consecutive months starting in May, December and December. They increased by 20.8% and 22.8% respectively. From January to November, the machinery industry realized a profit of 601.8 billion yuan, down from 24.3% in January-February to 23.7%.

General equipment production is generally good. In the year, the added value of the general equipment manufacturing industry increased by 11% year-on-year, and it increased by 18.2% in December, 0.6 percentage points higher than the previous month. Among the main products, the engine increased by 30.1%, of which the automobile engine increased by 44.6%; the output of metal cutting machine tools and metal forming machine tools was 581,000 and 219,000 respectively, and China became the world's largest machine tool producer for the first time.

The agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy has a significant effect. In 2009, the central government invested 13 billion yuan in agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, benefiting all the agricultural and pastoral counties in the country, covering 12 categories of 38 kinds of agricultural machinery products, and stimulating local and farmers to invest 36 billion yuan. The annual output of large, medium and small tractors increased by 30.7%, 29% and 9.8% respectively, and harvest machinery and grain machinery increased by 55.4% and 23% respectively.

Both production and sales of automobiles exceeded 13 million. According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the annual production and sales of automobiles reached 13.79 million and 13.64 million, respectively, an increase of 48.3% and 46.2% year-on-year; during the year, the production and sales of automobiles reached a million level for 10 consecutive months, and the highest monthly record was refreshed five times. . The small displacement passenger car market is growing rapidly. In the whole year, sales of passenger cars totaled 10.33 million, a year-on-year increase of 52.9%. Among them, sales of passenger cars of 1.6 liters and below were 7.2 million, an increase of 71.3%, accounting for 69.7% of the passenger car sales market, and the occupancy rate increased by 8 Percentage points. The market share of independent brands has expanded. In the whole year, a total of 4.57 million self-owned brand passenger cars were sold, accounting for 44% of the total sales of passenger vehicles, an increase of 4 percentage points over the previous year. Enterprise mergers and acquisitions have steadily advanced. In 2009, there were 5 sales of over one million enterprise groups, and a total of 9.66 million vehicles were sold, accounting for 71% of the total automobile sales, an increase of 9 percentage points over the previous year, and the concentration was further improved.

Ship production achieved steady and rapid growth. In 2009, China's shipbuilding completed 42.43 million DWT, a year-on-year increase of 47%, accounting for 34.8% of the world market share. The international market share of new ship orders has increased significantly. In 2009, the global turnover of new ships was 42.19 million DWT, a decrease of 71% compared with 2008. However, with the support of export buyer's credit and other policies, China's new orders reached 26 million DWT, accounting for 61.6% of the world market share. The first place increased by 23.9 percentage points year-on-year.

(Except for the relevant statistics, the import and export data are customs statistics, and the rest are data of the National Bureau of Statistics or according to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics.)

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